ally: to unite or form a connection or relation between

We intend to align ourselves with organizations that are compatible in legacy, philosophy, and desires. Our allies will work closely with our team of experts to extend what is possible for international offices and their clients.

To us, a business alliance is more than just a “deal”. It is a connection between us and other like-minded, independent organizations. We are open to creating and collaborating through many forms while always keeping an open mind for additional relationships. Our alliance is a mutual agreement to continue to work together; thus, its value includes the potential for a stream of opportunities.

International Office Consulting

With 20+ years of experience administering case management software, IOC offers consulting for offices that support international education. We believe that combining the IOC and JBI teams to foster an innovative technology solution for end-users is a win-win-win.

Want to become an ally?

If you're interested in working with JBI, reach out to Gillian to discuss - let's be friends!