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Data-Driven Analytics

Universities are urged to make more data-driven decisions each year. Trilby Suite is designed with reporting and analytics at the top of mind, but we take it a step further by partnering with leading organizations to bring much-needed data analysis to the field to better understand international students and institutional operations to pave the way for better student outcomes and greater institutional efficiency. Plus, Jason likes to get nerdy with it, so, it's a win-win.

NAFSA Economic Value Tool

Jason engineered the Economic Value Tool back in 2001 and continues to work with NAFSA to produce the analysis each year.

JBI produced the data analysis for NAFSA's 2020-2021 Economic Value Tool.

Fast Facts:

  • The total number of jobs supported (306,308) by the financial contributions of international students declined by 109,688 (or 26.4%) from the prior year;

  • At U.S. community colleges, international student spending contributed $1.5 billion (down 36%) and supported 7,850 jobs (down 37.4%);

  • The ten states that saw the largest amount of economic activity were: California, New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana. The list is largely unchanged from last year with the exception of Indiana which assumed the #10 slot from Washington;

  • Seven states broke the $1 billion mark (down from nine states last year).

Full Methodology

International Educator Podcast

Jason is featured in NAFSA's IE podcast! NAFSA: Association of International Educators has been conducting this economic analysis for over 20 years, and both Rachel Banks and Jason are the brains behind the operation.

In this episode, they talk about COVID’s affect on this year’s data and notable findings, under reported takeaways from the Open Doors report and NAFSA’s analysis, the history of the analysis, and how it’s evolved over the years.

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